Another Custom Upcycled Transformation!

Ever heard the old adage “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”? I need not say more! A score we helped source from Craigslist, this sofa had the length, and general shape the newly relocated Bostonian was looking for, but the drab, brown fabric wasn’t cutting it for Danielle’s chic new abode in Del Mar.

After a few trips to some fabric stores that we recommended, Danielle came back with this beautiful yellow fabric that we instantly adored. So appropriate for the Massachusets native turned California dweller to chose such a sunny shade, don’t you agree?


Here are a couple of pictures Danielle’s sofa, before:



Some modifications later (note the natural wood frame, two removeable back cushions with double row buttons, and the single removeable seat cushion), fast forward a couple of weeks, and here you have Danielle’s “new” sofa sitting in her new home, ready for Danielle and her lovely cats to enjoy!



Revive YOUR favorite vintage/used/reloved piece. We’d love to help. Email us pictures and dimensions to to obtain a quote!

4 thoughts on “Another Custom Upcycled Transformation!

  1. Thank you guys so much! For anyone looking for a custom, one-of-a-kind piece, I cannot recommend Rusty Gold enough. Great work. Great prices. Great communication and just all around great guys to work with.

    I found this sofa on Craigslist and emailed Rusty Gold to ask them how much it would be to reupholster. It turned out they knew the seller so they bought it and saved me money. The back cushions were originally attached and I asked them to make them removable, as well as to make the seat a single box cushion. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    I’m so lucky I found Rusty Gold and I can’t wait to find more furniture to customize together. Even if you’re not into Mid Century design, they will bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy with your piece. Go visit their unique store and meet them for yourself, but they get two thumbs up from this discerning, decor-loving Bostonian.

    • You scored Danielle! I bought this same couch in green three years ago because the shape of it has an awesome nod to mid-century style, but the detached, non-reversable cushions are a bummer. Your upcycled version really ads even more wow to the cool shape – good call taking it to Rusty!

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