Simply put, the Rusty Gold philosophy is centered around living a sustainable lifestyle. Our passion is to recycle pre-owned home furnishings, and give them new life by giving them practical use. We thrive on the mystique that vintage and antique items provide, as each item has a unique story to tell. Who owned it before? Where has it been? And most importantly, where will it end up?

Each piece has been hand selected by us personally due to a one-of-a-kind characteristic that spoke to us. Because of this, you never know what we’ll end up with (our secret is: neither do we). Our goal is to constantly surprise and delight you with a unique, affordable, and eclectic mix of pieces that both amplify your home’s beauty and complement your unique personality.

This blog is our invitation to YOU to join us on our quest to look for beauty in all the (traditionally) “wrong” places and salvage treasures that are screaming: Take me, I’m yours. All you need is an open mind, a little imagination, and squeaky clean ears.


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