Before and After


It’s all about the potential. Can you see it?







With great design, a little nip and tuck goes a LONG way! As soon as we laid our eyes on this bad boy we realized we were seriously and instantly smitten with an inanimate object (despite the slightly outdated “outfit” aka weird printed fabric). With a little TLC, outfit change, and minor liposuction however, this little crush turned into real love! And how could we resist… look at those arms!






One of our favorite parts of what we do, is being involved beginning to end in the transformation process of our upcycled pieces. It all begins with “the find”… maybe it was a garage sale or perhaps something we spotted in the alley and saw the amazing potential. All of a sudden, something that was fated to end up in a junkyard, has had a change in destiny! In no time at all, it’s in the back of our truck and we are headed to the fabric store to pick out a new outfit that will bring this “outdated” vintage piece, into modernity! We then decide- should we retain the same details of the original or should we add a little pizazz (i.e tufting, buttons, studs, etc). Should we paint the frame or retain the weathered detail that makes it so unique? Sometimes, we decide that going natural (aka stripping any paint off the frame) is the best way to showcase its beauty. Such was the case of this gorgeous sofa, our newest addition!



Now that it’s all prettied-up and looks brand spankin new, it’s time for the final step: finding it a new home. So curious to know where this one will end up! Any takers?

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